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For each permanent placement of a Mayflower Nanny, a one-time fee is payable to the Mayflower Agency upon the nanny's acceptance of the position. The fee, unless otherwise negotiated, is set at 15% of the nanny's first-year total cash compensation. This encompasses the base salary, target bonus, and any signing bonus (subject to a minimum fee of $9,999).

For temporary assignments, including event nannies and maternity nurse placements, a custom fee is assessed. Should there be any repeat engagements, they must be reported to Mayflower Agency, as additional fees may incur in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
Confidentiality Notice: The identities of Mayflower Nannies are disclosed to potential employers under strict confidentiality. Unauthorized disclosure of a nanny's information to third parties that leads to a subsequent engagement will result in the imposition of the standard placement fee.