The Mayflower program is thoughtfully crafted to be both affordable and empowering, ensuring that our students and graduates advance in life without the worry of debt. In fact, we anticipate that most of our graduates’ earnings throughout the program will exceed their tuition costs, allowing them to graduate with increased financial stability compared to when they started.

IMPORTANT: We are committed to making education accessible to all aspiring students. If concerns about tuition are holding you back, please reach out to us—we may have scholarships and financial aid options that could help, regardless of your financial status.

Tuition/costs by semester:
Semester 1: $4068+$200 CPR Certification
Semester 2: $4068
Semester 3: $4068
Semester 4: $4068
Semester 5: $4068+$1200 lodging & activity fee
Semester 6: $4068+$1200 lodging & activity fee
Total Program Cost: $27,008
Projected earnings; assuming ~20 hrs/wk residency starting semester two:
Semester 1: $0
Semester 2: $7,500
Semester 3: $9,175
Semester 4: $10,800
Semester 5: $12,500
Semester 6: $14,200
Total Part-time Est. Earnings: $54,475
The earnings above are projected as a percentage of Mayflower recommended full-time base yearly compensations:
Level 1 (Resident Foundational Nanny): $45,000
Level 2 (Certified Foundational Nanny): $55,000
Level 3 (Resident Advanced Nanny): $65,000
Level 4 (Certified Advanced Nanny): $75,000
Level 5 (Resident Mayflower Nanny): $85,000
Level 6 (Mayflower Nanny): $95,000+