Nanny Responsibilities

Nanny Responsibilities

Throughout your tenure, Mayflower advises regular personal meetings to review progress and clarify mutual expectations. These sessions could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, tailored to your preference, ensuring that all parties are on the same page.

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When you meet, topics might include:

- Updates on Child Care: How frequently and by what means you wish to receive updates about your children's day.

- Child Nutrition: Discuss meal planning, grocery shopping responsibilities, and meal preparation.

- School Commute: Clarify who handles the drop-off and pick-up from school or activities, including the schedule.

- Travel Preparations: Agree on responsibilities for packing and communicating travel plans.

- Housekeeping: Define which areas and items need regular cleaning and organizing.

- Children’s Belongings: Set expectations for laundering, repairing, and organizing children’s clothing and toys.

- Equipment Maintenance: Assign tasks for upkeep of children’s gear like strollers and car seats.

Mayflower Nannies typically are not expected to:

- Perform full family cooking or cleaning beyond child-related duties.

- Care for pets, unless agreed upon.

- Spend personal funds on work-related expenses.

- Run personal errands for adults in the household without a prior agreement.


For discussions on medical and emergency procedures, you should address:

- Medication Administration: Document what medications the nanny is allowed to administer.

- Medical Appointments: Establish the procedure for setting up doctor's visits.

- Emergency Care: Outline instructions for emergency situations.

- Emergency Contacts and Procedures: Document who to contact and what steps to follow in case of an emergency.

- Media Use: Set rules for the nanny's use of phones, internet, and TV when with the children.

- Public Transport: Discuss any limits on using public transportation with the children.

- Overtime and Leave: Agree on how overtime is recorded and discuss preferences for annual leave and guest policies.

For live-in nannies, topics should include:

- Privacy Expectations: Discuss how personal time and space will be respected.

- Off-Duty Meals: Talk about kitchen use when the nanny is off duty.

- Guests: Define guidelines for having guests during off-hours.

- Personal Chores: Set expectations for personal laundry and maintenance of the nanny's living space.

Always remember to tailor these discussions to the unique needs of your family and the nanny's role.